Bringing your own boat to Cedarville Bay Cottages is easy. You can launch your boat at "Cedarville Harbor Public Boat Launch" just down the street, and park your trailer at our property during your stay.

Back your boat trailer near the road into the wooded spot that's out of the way. Between the road and dumpster.

You can get gas for your boat nearby at Cedarville Marine, Viking Boat Harbor and Tassier Boat Works. If its windy we usually use the second two options. Its possible the gas stations will not be open Sunday so please remember to fill up when you get there on Sat.

If you are driving a pontoon boat with two toons, we recommend staying inside the channels. The conditions can be more rough on the open lake without the wind protection from the islands.

Many folks fish and watersport in the bay areas. One popular area for watersports with less boat traffic is Government Bay.

Chances are you will see beautiful sailboats - remember to give them right of passage.

Do your best to stay inside the channel markers and watch for marked hazards.

Overall the channels are wide and provide easy navigation for all levels of boaters.

If you have engine trouble or need maintenance take your boat to Cedarville Marine.